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We create packaging

Indumel has been dedicated since 1999 to the design and manufacture of PET / PP / PE plastic packaging, exporting its products worldwide. Our factory of more than 3000m2 is equipped with a variety of equipment that allows us to produce 250 Million Units / Year. We have the latest generation technology, strict quality control and qualified human resources to provide a wide range of plastic packaging for the food industry, cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning. Our storage capacity of 21600m3 allows for flexible delivery for customers with high needs and also the satisfaction of small orders and almost immediate deliveries. The attitude of customer service is guided by flexibility in all phases of the process, from design to finished product. At the moment we have in the catalog 250 references with capacities ranging from 10ml up to 5000 ml, and a significant number of exclusive customer packages. We practice an attitude of sustained and environmentally responsible growth, promoting our relationship with our community and maintaining close links with schools and universities in plastic design and production.

Indumel Day to day

We support the innovation and competitiveness of our customers through optimized plastic packaging solutions with minimal environmental impact. We act by betting on sustainability, respecting competitors, promoting the growth of our employees and the connection with the community.


How we work at Indumel

We listen to our customers, innovate and develop the most appropriate packaging, optimizing the amount of raw material used and with the lowest environmental impact. We have technology and know-how that allow us to be flexible and deliver small or large quantities. We meet deadlines. We practice fair prices. We are always available.

You are part of the solution, do not blame the Plastic

Information leaflet of the Portuguese Association of the Plastics Industry, about the correct use of the Plastic.


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Foundation (1999)

INDUMEL (Industry Plastics), started its activity in 1999, as a result of the partnership relationship between two entrepreneurs with complementary experiences in the food industry and in the production of packaging.

INDUMEL began by manufacturing PET packaging for the food sector – Vinegars, Oils, Oils, Condiments and Spices.

(2003) Development

It has gradually expanded its offer to other sectors of activity, now responding to customer needs in the area of ​​Sauces and Industrial Sweetening, Cosmetics, Cedar Oil, Liquid Waxes, Lyes and Detergents.

Since its genesis arose from the need to develop innovative packaging for the company of one of the partners, INDUMEL has in its DNA the capacity and mission of designing new packaging, according to the specific needs of the Client.

Developed in 2004 the packaging for Paladim sauces.

We have been exporting to foreign markets since 2004, initially for PALOP and Spain, and more recently for France, Tunisia and USA.

Expansion (2013)

In 2013, after a reorganization of the group of companies that gave rise to it, INDUMEL – Embalagens was created, which maintains all the skills and capacity of INDUMEL founded in 1999.

By 2013, we have exceeded the barrier of the 20 million units produced per month.

In the last 3 years, INDUMEL has been investing in the automation of the entire production process, starting with the automatic feeding of the raw material, the quality control at the exit of the machine and the storage of the final product.

(2016) Today

Developed in 1998 the packaging for the Peninsular Vinegars.

In 2010 it acquired the first 3D printer

In 2016 obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

In 2017 inaugurated the new factory and expanded its storage capacity to 21,600m3

Developed in 2017 the packaging for educational toys of Science 4 You.

In 2017 begins export to the USA.

2019 – Production Start with RPET (Recycled PET).

Our team

It is with our employees that we build success. We encourage a family culture and complicity of employees with our objectives, minimizing resource turnover, and ensuring the preservation of the company’s knowledge. With the commitment of our team, motivated and qualified, we manage to deliver high quality products at a fair price, betting on the training and professional and personal evolution of all, to remain apt and committed to serve customers with an exceptional performance all the days. Indumel is organized in the departments of Research & Development, Production, Automation & Maintenance, Quality, Environment & Safety, Commercial & Administrative.


    We want to be a benchmark in our sector on a Iberian scale, recognized by Clients, Suppliers, Employees and Community, as a fair price company, in proximity to everyone, in quality, speed and deadlines; We believe in free and fair competition, respecting our competitors and the rules of the market; We are committed to an effective and efficient internal organization, giving employees the opportunity to evolve, promoting the clarity of objectives and functions, and training and professional and personal growth; We encourage the relationship with local communities and bet on sustainable growth respecting the surrounding environment. We seek to minimize environmental impacts and resource consumption